What makes a good portfolio?

What makes a good portfolio?

In today’s times everything revolves around the internet one way or another like checking weather, looking for a new restaurant or buying your groceries so why not use that online space and advertise yourself?

I think everybody should have an online webpage or a portal of some sort to show off their abilities and to advertise essentially, like an online portfolio that’s available always essentially anytime you want, just in case you meet that person that wants to see your work right there and then.

This online presence is especially important if you’re trying to break into the creative industries sector as it’s a quick way for employers to see what your skills are, if you have nothing to show online for the employer to look at what are the chances of getting the job?

It can act as a double edge sword though, as it can show how good you are or show how bad you are. I think it’s important to ensure that good work is going into the online portfolio, have a look at your pieces or have somebody look at them before you get it online, to make sure you use the best work. It’s important to show off the best parts of your work, quality is more important than quantity, this is a line I always try to stay true to. It’s better to have 2 or 3 good pieces that really shine through rather than having 15 crappy pieces.

Portfolios from the web

Here are some portfolios I have found online that I like the look of, the information is laid out clearly and it informs the viewer of exactly what the person is about.



Molly Jameson is a games programmer, I like the simplicity of the website as well as the content, its short and precise. It shows the professional work the person has completed as well as the side projects.



Alex Tardif Graphics programmer, again simple website with the work that the person completed.



Alex Shilts Developer/Designer I really like this portfolio as its eye catching from the second the page loads, very cool website.



Dean Tate Developer with loads of experience, simple and effective website.



Importance of portfolios

Portfolios are important because they show what you can do and how well you can do it. During the lecture the speaker showed us a showreel from 5 years ago and then a more recent showreel and the difference between the 2 were huge. While the first one was good it had nothing on the second one and you could see how this person/team progressed. Thinking about that I think showreels or portfolios should show your old work too as this can show that you are progressing and getting better at what you do. To me that made a big difference seeing the progress over couple of years and motivated me to try and get better to sit down and do some creative work, so one day I can show a showreel/portfolio that I am proud of.

In Games Development there is loads of different jobs you can do so the portfolio should reflect what you want to work as, if its animation the portfolio should be animation based to show of your skills. Even though the person might only want to focus on animation I think it still should be in a form of a game where the animation pieces are implemented together, if it’s to be a games development portfolio but video based showreel is fine for animation or modelling.

Portfolio tips


This link talks about what makes a good game development portfolio and is a good read to understand how small details change the overall presentation of the porfolio.


This website also talks about game development portfolios, the person talks about important points in presentation of your work on a webpage.


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